Out and about – the A601(M)

Today I went for a little drive around Lancashire and collected some images of old and new signs, and several of them have caused me to get a bit grumpy due to elementary mistakes that either make a sign cluttered, or suffering from design errors. Instead of just griping, though, I intend to demonstrate how … Continue reading Out and about – the A601(M)


Dual carriageway signing

A frequent and recurring debate that crops up in driving circles relates to the national speed limit for a dual carriageway. I'm not referring to the erroneous belief that it is on an unlit, or otherwise suitably subject to a 'derestriction' Order, 60 mph. It is, in fact, for cars at least, 70 mph; the … Continue reading Dual carriageway signing

Improving cycling facilities through better signs?

First off; I am not going to open up a hornet's nest regarding cyclists vs cars, suffice to say I am a firm advocate of improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists wherever we can. This article therefore is going to concentrate purely on the traffic signs aspect of cycle infrastructure design. Traffic signs for cyclists … Continue reading Improving cycling facilities through better signs?

Diversion symbols and their effect on existing signs

An unfortunate requirement of the sudden resurgence of the use of tactical diversion routes in 2009 was that thousands of signs had to be amended. Given this work took place as one of the worst financial crises of recent times was hitting, it was never going to be a scheme with a lavish budget thrown … Continue reading Diversion symbols and their effect on existing signs

When things go wrong…

Much mileage has been made by the popular press historically with regard to traffic signs that are wrong, or misleading. Spelling mistakes, ironically given the low quality of proof-reading in many local newspapers, seem to be an instant win for 'council-bashing' type journalists. The sad thing is, it's easy to mock. It's less easy to … Continue reading When things go wrong…

Direction Signs – have we lost our way?

Direction signs are essential methods of communicating information to road users; why do we not take them seriously enough? Note: The sign designs in this article are not part of any design contract, nor are they commissions for any third party organisation, no commercial confidences have been breached in presenting these drawings. We have been … Continue reading Direction Signs – have we lost our way?